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Everything you need, where you need it

Over the years, Klaas Quartel BV has developed into a consultative service provider for growers and contractors. We provide everything you need, exactly where you need it.

From then to now

In 1963, Arie de Zeeuw from 's-Gravenzande decided to make life easier for growers by offering his services as a miller. At the time, old-fashioned craftsmanship was the order of the day. He used to transport his hand mill around on a trailer. Business went well and as Arie kept on getting more work he soon had to take on some employees. One of them was Klaas Quartel, 16 at the time, with whom he later founded Firma Arie de Zeeuw. The company continued to attract more work and continued to grow, partly due to the acquisition of contracting firm Piet van de Berg, Van Zoest Kasdereiniging and Jan Poot BV. After forty years, with the change of the millennium, Arie de Zeeuw decided to transfer his share in the company. The company has been known as Klaas Quartel BV since 2008, and its fleet, machinery, number of employees and customer base have all expanded considerably.

About us

Klaas Quartel BV is currently represented by Chris and Matthijs Quartel, with indispensable support from a team of twenty experienced, driven and enthusiastic employees. Together we carry out around 200 jobs a week. We are involved and flexible, like to discuss ideas with customers, are open to change and genuinely listen.